SMS is considered to be 100% reachability to the mobile users no matter what handset they are having or what service plans they subscribe from the mobile operators.   We are expertise in business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and promotional messages.


A picture is worth a thousand words. By utilizing MMS, brands can explore marketing solutions beyond the text-based limitations of SMS and distribute multimedia content such as pictures, music or video. MMS is perfect for brand building. Our MMS platform enables marketers to DIY and distribute MMS messages in a super easy way. 




Alpha Sender Name supported

100 % Smart Phone supported

Personalized SMS supported

Super easy-to-use portal

Flexible Batch Management

Personalized MMS supported

Reschedule Batch

Self-maintained Opt-Out list

Auto filtering for duplicated numbers, invalid numbers and numbers without mobile data plan

Cancel Batch

Simple reporting

Hong Kong Government OFCA DNC Filtering included

Self-maintained Opt-Out list

Auto filtering for duplicated numbers and invalid numbers

Two-Way SMS supported

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